Alexander Mancevice

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I am a software engineer in the Boston area specializing in back-end applications and development. I work primarily with the Python and Ruby langauges; using Docker almost exclusively as a development medium. While the majority of my experience is in back-end development, I also enjoy reading about & dabbling in front-end design. I contribute to several open source projects and have developed some of my own.

Politics is also a passion of mine and I believe in ethical & equitable development practices. This includes, but is not limited to: diversity in the workplace, respectful behavior, & thoughtful coöperation.


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Curriculum Vitae

GitHub Résumé


Software Engineer Apr 2013 — Present



Solutions/Applications Engineer Nov 2010 — Apr 2013

DataXu is an industry leader in the Demand-Side & Data Management Platforms for cross-channel targeted online advertising. The solutions team provided rapid engineering support for custom or unusual requests, research for business development, and industry knowledge for product development.

Business Monitoring
Application to monitor the most business-sensitive processes including spend, algorithm performance, and core infrastructure.
Demo Platform Development & Maintenance
Presales-specific environment of the user interface with customizable reporting data, featuring pre-alpha, alpha, or beta functionality.
Video Product Design
Helped author initial proposal for integrating real-time video inventory into the DatXu platform.


Solutions Architect Nov 2008 — Nov 2010

Vamosa was a global leader in content migration consulting and delivery; providing custom solutions for clients to migrate content into new management systems as a result of a website overhaul, content acquisition, or corporate merger.

Merged the Oracle Technical Network and Sun Microsystems sites into Oracles UCM content management system.
Migrated Skype's external web site into Day CQ5. Project was executed solo from Poznan, Poland.
Provided the first successful portal migration of its size for Novartis' internal web. Executed onsite in Basel, Switzerland.

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